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Join Do3D Membership today!

Do3D creates an average of 200 to 250+ 3D files per year, covering the latest TV shows, films, and games. Whether you're a fan or a professional in the industry, our membership options starting from $19 offer great value, although we highly recommend our pro membership for the best savings. In addition to significant discounts, our pro membership also includes freebies and member-only offers that you can enjoy at any time, without waiting for promotions. Sharing or selling any of our STL files, 3D models, or any other format is strictly prohibited. However, we do allow membership holders to sell "3D printed parts or physical props" created from our models.

  • Enjoy a free monthly download of any helmet or weapon file priced under $29 with our Indie Monthly, Yearly, and Pro Monthly plans!

  • Upgrade to our Pro Yearly Plan and select two full body file packs every year, exclusive to this membership tier.

  • Get access to exclusive member discounts of up to 35% off on 3D models, giving you even more value for your money.

  • As a Pro member, you have the ability to list 3D printed or physical props on your own ecommerce website or large marketplaces with at least 50 million public listings. If you prefer to use a smaller marketplace, please contact us for approval first. This perk is exclusive to our Pro membership level.