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Why Our Commitment

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

As this is our first blog, we wanted to share some of our important values that we pursue as Do3D team members. Since we started in 2009, we have created the most number of Star Wars, Marvel Iron Man, DC Universe, and other comics focused wearable/cosplay 3D printable models. Many professional prop makers are using Do3D models everyday to save their time and money.

Our new management takes everyone’s feedback very seriously. We try to improve our models everyday with better features, wearability, printability and more. We understand that some of our old 3D models have issues because they were created a long time ago with limited resources and knowledge. At that time, many people did not even know that a 3D printer could be used for cosplay and pepakura was still a dominant method for the prop making industry. Over the years, we have been able to achieve top quality in the industry with the help of customers and their precious feedback. However, leaked files are still going around and damaging our reputation. Through this opportunity we wanted to say that these are not the true quality of Do3D files. We updated most of our old files and provided them at no additional cost or very small cost if files have been purchased from us. From now, updates on the same models are completely FREE. Please continue supporting us by getting our 3D models directly from Do3D. We will continue providing our best support and most up-to-date files with upgraded features to our customers. Thank you!

Our commitments:

1. Accuracy Most 3D models on is known for high accuracy. Our members simply come to us and trust us because we always make improvements and take things seriously. However, please note that our 3D modelers may not be able to make modifications right away due to our tight work schedule. In this case, we will notify you through our update section in the forum when it is done. We always give high priority to the models that have printablity issues rather than accuracy issues. If you have suggestions for better accuracy, please email and provide official prop images. Sometimes even within the same movie you can find different details because they use cgi and props and other things happen (armor upgrade or damage in the same movie). We will take a look at those references carefully and let you know.

2. Reliability We know Do3D is not the only source of 3D models but we can promise you that you will find the best 3D models with consistent quality. We will never leave any project unfinished. Our 3D artists have over 15 years of 3D modeling experience and have been serving clients for the past 11 years consistently. We grew together with our clients and took their feedback very seriously. 3D models on may not be the cheapest on the internet but when it comes down to reliability, we will make sure to beat/surpass competitors' models. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to

3. Resources We will create the best resources for you and your 3D printer so that the 3D printing process can be seamless and less painful. We already have a series of exclusive tutorials for Do3D clients. Our world class support team will provide support in a timely manner! We also plan on providing dedicated video tutorials that are tailored for you and your project.

4. Additional Support Need specific service beyond what you have seen in our community? Perhaps you need some special assistance or business consultation? Need help with other projects like making toys, electronics, or die-cast cars? Feel free to contact us, we have done countless private commission works for some Fortune 100 companies in the US. We will listen to you and provide you the best solution and quote as soon as possible.

5. Referral/Sourcing We have connections with some media and event partners. Many Do3D clients are already featured on popular 3D printing magazines, platforms and news articles. Event planners are also looking for cosplayers all the time. If you are interested in the events near your location with airfare and hotel accommodations, we can help you find one.

6. Sponsorship! We always work closely with social media partners. Have great video making skills? Ask us how we can support you in producing content using our files. Of course we will sponsor you with our 3D models. Additionally, we may help you get a new 3D printer, filament packs and/or any other equipment you need to create awesome content for both Do3D and you! Many YouTube videos featuring Do3D models have already scored a few hundred thousand views to 15 million views on a single video.

Please enjoy this one video our friend made!

Thank you very much for reading our first blog! We hope you enjoy being a Do3Der! Please let us know if you have any questions.

- Team Do3D

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